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Price compare - Seattle Mariners Hard iPhone 4 Snap Case - Navy Blue - 794102
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Seattle Mariners Hard iPhone 4 Snap Case - Navy Blue
If the iPhone is supposed to be smart, why doesnâ??t it have the ability to sense that itâ??s falling out of your hand? If it did, the phone would be able to protect its fragile body by wrapping itself in an unbreakable case before crashing into the ground. But apparently the geniuses at Apple havenâ??t trained their nifty device to defend against human clumsiness yet. Thatâ??s why we still need to resort to plastic cases. At least this iPhone 4 Snap Case will boldly show off the fanaticism you have for your Mariners. This Seattle Mariners iPhone 4 case is made of two durable plastic pieces and snaps together over your iPhone for an easy and snug fit. It protects all four corners of the phone, gives you access to all the ports and buttons, and features a large silk screen Mariners logo. It will certainly keep your phone safeguarded from your butterfingers â?? thus granting you the ability to fling irritated birds into makeshift shelters built by green pigs, and allowing you to sta ...
Manufacturer: Football Fanatics
Category: MLB>Seattle Mariners>Office & School>Cellphone Cases
Football Fanatics $16.95

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